14 Ways Paleo f(x) Rocks My World

Paleo Cricket Flour

This year was my 4th time attending Paleo f(x), the largest paleo event ON EARTH. Every year  I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Anticipation of Day #1 leaves me SUPER excited and a little sleepless. The mission of the conference is to share ways to apply ancestral health principles in today’s world. 

Here are my top 14 reasons I love it so much:

#1 I get inspired and see my own health and mood improve each year.

#2 Sharing what I learn and watching others improve.

#3 Having it be normal to cover my body in luxurious beef tallow skin care products.

#4 Sharing my story and helping others heal.

Paleo f(x) Cooking Demo

#5 Finding new products making it easy to be Paleo.

Paleo Cricket Flour

#6 The people are ridiculously attractive. Healthy = HOT!

#7 Learning the brilliant ways to apply ancestral health principles.

#8 Free chocolate samples. Duh.

#9 Everyone is so freaking happy! The whole place is filled with good juju.Paleo f(x) Friends

#10 Robb Wolf’s raunchy jokes followed by Chris Kresser’s embarrassed giggles.

#11 Re-connecting with old friends.

#12 Learning about the radical, creative, AWESOME things people are doing to improve their health.

Paleo f(x) Session

#13 Waxing poetic about the microbiome and people know what I’m talking about.

#14 Meeting my Paleo heroes, like Mark Sisson!

Paleo f(x) Heroes