Deodorant for Divas

Deodorant for Divas

My inner diva doesn’t like to admit it, but I stink. I know, I know- smelly armpits are primal. But it’s embarrassing and I don’t love smelling myself.

I haven’t used aluminum-containing antiperspirant for 15 years, so I expect to sweat. Natural deodorant wasn’t a big deal until I moved to Austin, TX where the average high temperature in August is around 100 F.

At first I thought my deodorant formula had changed, which shows you how much I love shirking responsibility! But – horror of horrors – I realized I still smelled AFTER TAKING A SHOWER!

I found that conventional soap washes the smell right off, but I didn’t want to use that toxic stuff.

But at first, nothing else worked. I tried double and triple washing. I exfoliated- OUCH! I showered multiple times a day. I tested every type of natural deodorant.

I had to find a way to smell ok AND be healthy.

Desperate googling began.

Turns out I wasn’t washing off all the bacteria, which is what makes armpits smell in the first place. Since anti-bacterial soap wasn’t an option, I had to find a natural version.

Enter tea tree oil, an essential oil with crazy-strong, anti-bacterial properties. I started by applying it directly to my armpits using a cotton ball. It worked! No more smell! But whoa! It stung! And some of the expensive oil was wasted on the cotton ball. And I now smelled like a koala.

I tried diluting the oil by first soaking the cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. I was on to something, but it still stung.

More googling.

I stumbled upon witch hazel, which has skin-soothing properties. It worked!

I now use a spray bottle containing 1 part oil to 6 parts witch hazel right after I get out of the shower. It kills the smell, feels cooling to my skin, and no oil is wasted. After it dries, I apply natural deodorant to my hippie armpits while my inner diva pretends not to notice.

Eucalyptus Deodorant